Sunday, May 4, 2008

after months, finally i have the feelings to write. now its 10am monday morning, i just got back from the hospital after having class at 6.30am. yes, 6.30 am in the ward n it means that i have to wake up around 5.40 and then drive to the hospital. added with the monday blues, i kept quite tru out the whole bedside teaching and finally at the end of the session, i answer one question relating to hernias. as the doctor was impressed, maybe bcoz finally he can hear my voice, he asked me to draw the anatomical location of the hernia at the blackboard. there goes my monday. yay. at least one day at the hosp is over. yay. 4 more days and then its weekend. hope masa bjalan pantas. nothing interesting happen from the day i arrived malaysia till today. successfully completed my medicine surgery; maybe thats the only achievement so far. oh yess,, my new love- bambi. bambi is soooo comel and that day, i and zaim, we bought a little present for bambi at ou. at least bambi ada hiasan. tp bambi is sooo kotor as i did not wash her for a few days. bambi my new car, is one of the few good things so far. other than bambi, nothing much happend lately. bambi fiancee, bambu (zaim's car) is also comel and a bit bersih compared to bambi. bambi mesti jeles. tak pe. tak pe. nnt mama basuh kan bambi. to aunty fatin, cpat la balek msia, bole bambi bwk jalan2. bambi pon bosan je balik2 g tesco. hihihihihih.


Nur Farhana Hamzah said...

mesti kelas mr.tan wee jin kekeke :P