Sunday, May 4, 2008

after months, finally i have the feelings to write. now its 10am monday morning, i just got back from the hospital after having class at 6.30am. yes, 6.30 am in the ward n it means that i have to wake up around 5.40 and then drive to the hospital. added with the monday blues, i kept quite tru out the whole bedside teaching and finally at the end of the session, i answer one question relating to hernias. as the doctor was impressed, maybe bcoz finally he can hear my voice, he asked me to draw the anatomical location of the hernia at the blackboard. there goes my monday. yay. at least one day at the hosp is over. yay. 4 more days and then its weekend. hope masa bjalan pantas. nothing interesting happen from the day i arrived malaysia till today. successfully completed my medicine surgery; maybe thats the only achievement so far. oh yess,, my new love- bambi. bambi is soooo comel and that day, i and zaim, we bought a little present for bambi at ou. at least bambi ada hiasan. tp bambi is sooo kotor as i did not wash her for a few days. bambi my new car, is one of the few good things so far. other than bambi, nothing much happend lately. bambi fiancee, bambu (zaim's car) is also comel and a bit bersih compared to bambi. bambi mesti jeles. tak pe. tak pe. nnt mama basuh kan bambi. to aunty fatin, cpat la balek msia, bole bambi bwk jalan2. bambi pon bosan je balik2 g tesco. hihihihihih.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Mr Stranger: For You!

Thank You so much

Just to thank you for the kindness

You took the time to show

And to tell you that it meant much more

Than you will ever know!


I can say that, during this last few yrs in dublin ni la that i met mostt of my true and close friends. During mrsm, xramai pon kwn sgt, ditmbah dgn i yg tak popular ni so i only have a few good ones. A few that can be count dgn jari pon. Plus, lelaki mmg da tolak la since all the guys kat boarding school cam annoying sgt2. Here in dublin, i met most of my friends. And fair pon utk i cakap, i met all types of people here. There are types of friends that i can be proud of having them as a friend. And of coz, mesti ada yg u rasa the other way round. There are events yg u rasa proud of them, and there are events yg u rasa dissapointed of them. Bottom line is, there are ppl who like u and there will also be ppl that will dislike u. Whatever it is, I want to cherished my circle of friends here. My circle of trust here. True friend should be there when there are ups and downs. And I wish i da be there for ups and downs to someone. At least one person if not many.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I am all excited to go back home. And at the same time, i surely akan rindu dubliners yg tinggal d sini. tp we akan jumpe d msia nt. so cume berpisah semetara je kan =) aaaa i already prepared my self mentally about msia. bole makan puas2 kat kdai. bole hidup dgn aman tnpa perlu bjimat n rasa evthg mahal. besnyeeee. bole balik kl selalu. and importantly stay close to evryone in the family. since my bro n sis in law pon da nak balik msia n keje, evryone will be in msia. yay! plus an anak sedara on the way. coudnt be better! besnye. boleh balik kl and g terrengganu selalu. hoooray!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Baby Joy

i bakal mnjd mama ekin kepada seorang baby boy! baby baby cpat la kua dr tummy ur mommy. ur aunty ni dah xsbar nk jumpe u =) nnt kite main bola sama2 k. kite g main playground smue. baby jgn nakal2 eh dlm perut mummy tuh. cpat la kua. mama ekin xsaba sgt2 nk pelok awak!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Differential Diagnosis

Lately, i realize i cpat btol la melenting. aihhh. dgn smue org pon if xkene gaya nye i akan melenting. basically i just snyap n ignore the person for days. eee troknye i. personality disoder ni. jd pemarah da skg. bahaya2.

plus i kuat btol menguap. kat mana2 pon bole mnguap. tgh jalan d grafton pon mnguap. main volley pon mnguap. tgh makan pon mnguap. i am not sleepy but i always yawning. maybe kene amek supplement kan. tp i am not that tired.

any doc who are able to diagnose my problem, buzz me

Why Study?

The more we study
The more we know

The more we know
The more we forget

The more we forget
The less we know

So why study?

(as written on jal's board)